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35" Compass Snake Shield

35" Compass Snake Shield

This 35" Shield sports four uniquely hand-tooled and guilded snakes, each on a branch sporting a rune for each cardinal direction. (North, East, South, and West). Includes a 1.5" width handle with D rings for attaching a rope for back carrying.


Made with:
2.8mm - 3.2mm Vegetable-tanned leather hand dyed Dark Blue. 
1/4" reinforced plywood
Blue/Purple Premium suede.
Hand-forged Boss from GrimFrost


*This piece requires 16 - 20 weeks from the time of purchase to shipping.


All of the leather products Wild Dog Armoury produces are hand made and finished to order.


No Chainmaille, fur, or other accessories included.


This shield is PICK UP ONLY in Central Alberta, Canada (exceeds maximum allowance for Postal services)