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Celtic twist 3 Point Quiver - Tooled & Gilding

Celtic twist 3 Point Quiver - Tooled & Gilding

This Elegant Hand - Tooled & Gilded Quiver  Has a Hint of Celtic flare which is perfect for the archer on the run. Comes with adjustable buckles that go around your torso and over your shoulder. Can be either left or right handed.


Fits 24" arrows and up.

Quiver 24" H x  8"D 

Adjustable from 22" chest to 38" chest


Made with 3.2mm- 3.6mm vegetable Tan Leatherbody supported by 4 mm Base finished off with soft suede accents.


Suede- Default color Black


* This piece Requires 10-14 business days for finishing from the date ordered before Shipping


All of the Leather Products WildDogArmoury produces are hand made and finished to order.


No Chainmaille, fur, or other accessories included, just the leather Quiver

  • Other Customizations

    Please email WildDogArmoury@gmail.com for Different suede colors.

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