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 Wild Dog Armoury

Welcome to Wild Dog Armoury we specialize in Cosplay, Renaissance, LARP, and SCA leather armour. We are a small Canadian business starting in leatherworking and smithing. If you are looking for a Unique costume for your next LARP, Renfaire, or Cosplay appearance we assure Reliability, Quality and Friendly Service . We can make SCA leather Armour, which works great for when you want to take more damage from metal weapons instead of foam!


The Owners of Wild Dog Armoury are:

Cassandra is our leatherworker, she has completed Black Raven Armoury's Academy, and  Black Raven Armoury's Codex Course.  

Chris is our smith, who is still learning the trade and produces youtube videos documenting his mistakes as he learns the trade of blacksmithing, come check out his work.


Currently, we offer a range of leather items such as:

Cuirass, Bracers, Pauldrons, Greaves, Belts, Quivers, Bags, Pouches, and Bracelets.


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